Our name means ‘a century’ in English and we have learned to think about the future as an accumulation our grape harvests. A journey across generations, together today and together tomorrow, in the vineyard and around the table.

With the passing of the seasons, our organic winery has chosen to focus on the land, with our family supplying the energy.

We are bonded by a passion for good things and for great ideas passed down from the oldest to the youngest in our house. This bond is a guarantee for our work day-to-day and for our wine, springing from the land, sweetened by our mild climate and scented by the sea breeze.

Our farm is organically certified and we ensure that our vineyards and our wines closely follow the expert winemaking tradition that our family has evolved over the decades.

Combined with this tradition, we use sophisticated business strategies. So our wines are distinctive for their quality and simplicity, as well as their harmony and taste.

This is the basis for a family adventure which is looking to the future.